BGMI Battle For Revolution Season 3: Winners, Overall Standings, and More

June 22, 2024 – The BGMI Battle For Revolution Season 3 concluded with electrifying performances and intense competition. Carnival Gaming emerged victorious, solidifying their reputation as one of the top teams in the BGMI community. The event showcased remarkable skills and strategic prowess across various matches, captivating the audience from start to finish.

BGMI Battle For Revolution Season 3

Winners and Top Performers

Carnival Gaming clinched the championship with an impressive total of 155 points. Their consistent teamwork and strategic gameplay under the leadership of Omega were key to their success. Notably, Entity finished in second place with 143 points. Led by Samuraj, Entity maintained a strong performance throughout the tournament, with standout player Gamlaboy achieving 27 eliminations, earning him MVP honors.

Reckoning Esports secured third place with 133 points, despite some setbacks on the third day of the tournament. Punk’s leadership and his 25 kills were instrumental in their achievement. Orangutan Gaming demonstrated resilience by claiming fourth place with 120 points, thanks to AKop’s 24 eliminations and their cohesive team efforts.

Detailed Standings

  1. Carnival Gaming – 155 points
  2. Entity – 143 points
  3. Reckoning Esports – 133 points
  4. Orangutan Gaming – 120 points
  5. Hyderabad Hydras – 118 points
  6. Team Soul – 107 points
  7. Team Forever – 105 points
  8. FS Esports – 105 points
  9. Team 8Bit – 92 points
  10. Chemin Esports – 89 points
  11. Gods Reign – 88 points
  12. GodLike Esports – 83 points
  13. Gujarat Tigers – 68 points
  14. Genesis Esports – 68 points
  15. Big Brother Esports – 63 points
  16. Revenant Esports – 61 points

The tournament saw intense competition, with several teams showcasing their prowess. Hyderabad Hydras made a remarkable comeback on the final day, finishing fifth with 118 points, including three Chicken Dinners. Team Soul, known for their aggressive playstyle, secured sixth place with 107 points and 72 kills.

Teams Forever and FS Esports both accumulated 105 points, reflecting their consistency and determination. However, Team 8Bit narrowly missed the top eight, ending up in ninth place with 92 points. Chemin Esports started strong but faltered towards the end, finishing in 10th place with 89 points.

Gods Reign and GodLike Esports had a challenging run, securing 11th and 12th places with 88 and 83 points, respectively. Gujarat Tigers and Genesis Esports both posted 68 points, while Big Brother Esports and Revenant rounded out the standings with 63 and 61 points, respectively.

Key Highlights and Moments

  • Carnival Gaming’s Dominance: Carnival Gaming’s consistent performance across all matches highlighted their strategic superiority. Their ability to adapt and execute plans under pressure was crucial to their victory.
  • Entity’s Strong Showing: Entity’s second-place finish was marked by Gamlaboy’s exceptional performance. His 27 eliminations not only earned him the MVP title but also showcased his skills as one of the top players in the tournament.
  • Reckoning Esports’ Resilience: Despite challenges, Reckoning Esports managed to secure third place, thanks to Punk’s leadership and strategic plays.
  • Orangutan Gaming’s Comeback: After a slow start, Orangutan Gaming’s remarkable recovery to finish fourth was a testament to their teamwork and perseverance.
  • Hyderabad Hydras’ Final Push: Hyderabad Hydras’ aggressive gameplay on the last day allowed them to climb the rankings, securing fifth place with three Chicken Dinners.

For further details and updates on future tournaments, stay tuned to the official BGMI esports channels.