Guiya CG Full Movie Download HD, 720p, 1080p.

Hello friends, welcome all of you to my website Today I am talking about Amlesh Nagesh’s new movie  Guiya, Amlesh Nagesh’s movie will start with Maya’s story.  After the Chhattisgarhi movie, now he is coming with a blockbuster movie. Our Chhattisgarh’s comedy king Amlesh Nagesh ji. Amlesh Nagesh who is known as the King of Comedy in Chhattisgarh.

Guiya CG

Guiya Chhattisgarhi Movie Starcast

Article NameGuiya Cg Movie 2023 Detail
Actor & Actress NameAmlesh Nagesh & Hema Shukla
film directorMohit Sahu
Supporting Actor- Start CastNitesh,R Master,Ghanshyam
Film Release Date8 Dec 2023
How is Guiya movie?Action & Romantic
Movie Budget20+lakh
Guiya Movie LanguageChhattisgarhi, Hindi

Guiya CG Full Movie Download HD, 720p, 1080p.

guiyaan movie story

Friends, after watching this Guiyaan Chhattisgarhi movie trailer, it is known that at the beginning of this movie, two actors are playing the characters of Amlesh Nagesh and Devendra Thakur. Both these actors start loving the film’s heroine Hema Shukla.

After that, it is shown in the film. Devendra Thakur started importing and exporting drugs in his village. Amlesh Nagesh comes to know about this. After that, a girl in this village commits suicide or murder near a tree. Keeping this in mind, Amlesh calls the police in the village.

Friends, so that this murder can be investigated, it is also revealed that Amlesh gives information to the police about the drug that is being distributed in the village. In this way, in this entire film, Amlesh gives a powerful super duper action and Romantic scenes also play a role very well.

In the last part of the film, it is shown that the entire village declares war against Devendra Thakur. A very spectacular action is shown in the last part of the film. And information about this movie, you can enjoy the entire movie by going to your nearest theater on 8th December 2023.

Guiyaan Chhattisgarhi Movie Trailer

Friends, the official trailer of Chhattisgarh’s film which is going to release on 8 December 2030 has been released, you can watch it by going to Amlesh Nagesh’s official YouTube channel CG Ki Vines or you can also watch it here with the help of the YouTube video given below. Are.

Guiyan Chhattisgarhi Movie

Chhattisgarhi Film on 08 December 2023 in 25 screens of about 20 cities in Chhattisgarh  (Satyam Talkies – Bilaspur, Debashree Talkies – Dhamtari, Ram Niwas Talkies – Raigarh, A.G. Cinema – Narayanpur, Korba – Niharika Talkies in 4 games daily, City Cinema – Released simultaneously on Sarangarh, Galaxy Talkies – Rajim, and other theatres in theatres near you.

shiva bollywood(Baloda Bazar)
Maa Bhuvaneshwari Talkies(Kawardha)
New Raj Talkies(Tilda)
City Cinema(Sarangarh)
D.L. multiplex(Akaltara)
Galaxy Cinema(Rajim)
Balaji Cinema(Kasdol)
Taksh Cinema,Rama Metro(Shivrinarayan)
Prabhat Talkies(New Raipur)
Apsara Talkies( Durg )
Chandra Talkies(Bhilai)
whistle. 36 mall(Bilaspur)
Sri Krishna Talkies(Rajnandgaon)
Devashree Cinema(Dhamtari)
Niharika Multiplex, Chitra Multiplex( Korba )
Ramnivas Talkies(Raigarh)
Padmini Talkies(Champa)
metro multiplex(Janjgir)
CTplex Cinema(reflux)

Guiya CG Full Movie Download HD, 720p, 1080p.

Friends, you must watch this Chhattisgarhi film with your family and friends in all the 21 different cinema houses in Chhattisgarh.

Amlesh Nagesh Biography

Friends, earlier who knew who Amlesh Nagesh is and what he used to do, but today everyone knows that Amlesh Nagesh has become a CG comedy king. Amlesh Nagesh was earlier a poor boy picking Mahua in the forest and today has become a comedy king who rules the hearts of the people of Chhattisgarh. Today he is making a lot of headlines in the internet media by making comedy videos.

His fans are also stuck, not just one lakh but more than  10 lakh, who are connected to his YouTube channel. Yes, we are talking about Chhattisgarhi comedy king Amlesh Nagesh. Amlesh is originally a resident of Kamaraj village, Chhura district, Gariaband. He reached Raipur in connection with his upcoming Chhattisgarh film in the capital.

Guiyan Chhattisgarhi Movie Budget

Friends, if we talk about the expenditure incurred in making this Chhattisgarhi film Guniyaan, then the expenditure of this film can be estimated to be around Rs 80 lakh to Rs 2 crore.

Guiya CG Movie Download

Amlesh Nagesh is liked and followed by millions of people in Chhattisgarh. Seeing his YouTube comedy scene videos, people consider him the YouTube Messiah of Chhattisgarh. Amlesh Nagesh has also done comedy acting in the Chhattisgarhi movie “Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi” in CG Movie. The efficiency has been enhanced.


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