Sana Grover’s YouTube Journey and Success Story

In today’s time, content creation is a field in which every youth wants to make a career. Many content creators have made a career in it, but the journey behind this is not easy at all.

Sana Grover is a successful fashion content creator who makes videos about fashion and all things skincare, beauty, outfits, lifestyle, routine and her daily life.

With around 500K subscribers on YouTube and around 200K followers on Instagram, she has worked very hard to reach where she is today.

Sana Grover

Sana Grover’s YouTube Journey

Sana has been very fond of making videos since childhood. She even wanted to start creating videos when she was in 8th standard, but she feared that people would complain to her mother.

Finally, she overcame that fear and the journey of content creation began after her 12th board exams. Sana had a lot of time after the 12th exams so decided to start making videos and her mother also supported her a lot.

She used to record the videos and edit them herself while trying to learn and develop her skills in the field of content creation. She also took admission in journalism and mass communication, and she continued making videos along with her college.

Soon, her YouTube channel started to get views and subscribers and after almost a year Sana received her first earning of ₹8000 from YouTube.

Sana always used to learn things and apply them to her work. Whenever she faced any problem, she would ask her college professors for help but never stopped making videos.

She continued working hard on her YouTube channel and after two years, her channel completed 100K subscribers — a milestone every YouTube creator dreams of to be able to get the Silver Play Button.

This was a big deal for both Sana and her mother, and they both celebrated this small achievement on YouTube. After this, Sana started getting opportunities to collaborate with big brands and earn money from sources other than YouTube’s ad monetization program.

Hard Times

As we all know, the time of Corona was very dangerous for all of us. At the same time, a mountain of sorrow fell on Sana as well. Sana’s mother died at that time. After this, she completely broke down.

Sana had never stopped making videos before, but after her mother’s demise, she was in no position to do anything. Sana was not able to understand what she should do and what not to do.

After this, she thought that she would tell everyone about her problem. Sana again stepped on YouTube after a few months and gradually started to make content.

Now, Sana’s college was also about to end. She also received many job offers, but she felt that she could earn more from YouTube than from a job. That’s why she decided to not take any job.

After this, Sana started working harder on her YouTube channel and kept making quality videos in her niche. Today, Sana Grover is a popular fashion content creator with millions of viewership on YouTube and Instagram.

It is said that if hard work is done with a true heart, one day positive results can be achieved. Sana’s story is somewhat the same. She has worked very hard in her life and because of that, she got success in her life.