Zerodha's Nikhil Kamath: Bombay is famous for good looking people

Bengaluru-based billionaire entrepreneur Nikhil Kamath has recently spoken up about why the country's startup capital is his favourite.

Kamath said that the only thing that sets this city apart from the rest is its people.

n his podcast, WTF, the Zerodha co-founder highlighted the special characteristics of some of the metropolitan cities and how Bengaluru trumps

"The big, big differentiator at the end of the day-- scr** all the roads, the traffic... those things don't matter -- the people of Bengaluru

He then proceeded to list what most cities are famous for: Hyderabad for its biriyani, Bombay for its "good-looking people"

Nikhil Kamath went on to say that the access to talent that Bengaluru offers is also second to no other city in the world, especially for startups.

Nikhil Kamath also said in the podcast that he finds the people in Bengaluru to be welcoming, "normal", understated and subtle.

He also said that he meets several business leaders in Bengaluru including Biocon executive chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

"We are constantly working on projects to... how do we make Bangalore cooler in actual and from a narrative standpoint," he said.