School holidays extended in many districts including Lucknow-Saharanpur, will open at changed time in Varanasi-Prayagraj.

In view of the severe cold in UP, once again there is a holiday in schools in many districts. Holidays have increased in Saharanpur, Lucknow, Aligarh, Ballia etc. School timings have changed in Varanasi and Prayagraj.

In view of the severe cold in UP, school holidays have been extended in many districts. School timings have been changed in some districts. Earlier, school holidays were declared till January 10. Holidays were extended in the capital Lucknow, Saharanpur, Aligarh, Ballia etc. districts. Schools in Varanasi-Prayagraj will open from tomorrow but their timings have been changed. Schools will open only after ten o’clock in both the districts. In this regard, instructions have been issued by the DM to the officials.

Due to the severe cold that has been occurring in Saharanpur district for the last one week, the district administration has ordered schools to remain closed till January 16. District Magistrate Dr. Dinesh Chandra has declared holiday till January 16 in all secondary government, non-government, aided, CBSE, CISCE, unfunded, Sanskrit Board and Madrasa Board schools in view of fog, cold wave, cold and safe transportation.

District School Inspector Vinod Kumar said that pre-board, practical examination or any other type of examinations will continue to be conducted during this period. All principals, teachers and non-teaching staff will be present in the schools. At the same time, schools up to class eight will remain closed in Lucknow till January 13. Whereas schools from 9 to 12 will open after 9 o’clock.

In Ballia, District Basic Education Officer Manish Kumar Singh has issued instructions to school managers and responsibilities to keep schools up to class VIII closed till January 14. BSA said that this decision has been taken in view of the increasing cold. Warned that if orders of higher officials are disobeyed on opening of schools during this period, action will be taken under the School Operation Act against the rules.

In view of the bitter cold in Aligarh, the District Magistrate has extended the school holidays till January 13. As per the order of the District Magistrate, CBSE, secondary and council schools till class eight will remain closed till January 13. If any school is found open during this period, a notice will be issued to it. Earlier, instructions were given to close schools from January 7 to January 10. Due to the rain on Tuesday morning, the freezing cold has become more severe in the district. In view of this, the District Magistrate has given instructions to keep all the schools closed till 13.

As per the order, all schools from class one to class eight will remain closed. The Basic Education Officer issued a letter and wrote that schools of all boards including secondary, council and CBSE will remain closed. If any complaint is received regarding opening of any school during this period, action will be taken against it.

In Varanasi, the teaching timings have been changed in all the schools from class 1 to 8. Will be operated from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from January 11. According to District Magistrate S. Rajalingam, in view of the severe cold and dense fog and continuous increase in cold wave in Varanasi district, winter vacation was declared till January 10 in all the schools of all the boards from class 1 to 8 of Varanasi district.

Considering the weather, all schools will be operated from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm from January 11. It has been asked to ensure strict compliance with the said order. Similarly, in Prayagraj, schools up to 12th will be opened from 10 to 3 pm. Earlier there was an order to open from 8.50 to 2.50.