Viral Video: Boy’s unique way of driving a tractor went viral, Anand Mahindra wrote a funny thing

Anand Mahindra’s new tweet has become popular on social media. This time he has posted a video of a young man, who is driving a tractor in a unique style. Seeing this miracle of the child, Mahindra wrote something such that his post became a topic of discussion on the internet.

Anand Mahindra is the Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Group. It doesn’t take time for his X posts to go viral on social media. Actually, Mahindra remains in the headlines for his Jugadu and informative tweets (now X). This time he has posted such a clip, seeing which many people remembered their childhood. In this viral video, a young man is showing driving Mahindra tractor in an interesting way. Mahindra liked this method so much that he posted the video. The most amazing thing is the caption he wrote for this video. If you have not seen this tweet of Mahindra, then see below, and know what is the whole matter?

There is a tractor in the baby’s stomach…

Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra) posted this video on January 11 and wrote – Amazing! There is a tractor in the child’s stomach… (I sincerely hope that he is not doing this because the engine was not working.) Along with this he also posted a smiley emoji. Till the time of writing the news, the businessman’s post has received more than 30 thousand views and more than seven hundred likes. While hundreds of users are also commenting.

See Anand Mahindra’s viral tweet here

The boy made the sound of ‘Mahindra 575 Di’

In this video, two youths are sitting on ‘Mahindra 575 Di’ tractor. The cameraman first shows the name of the tractor. During this, a person tells the child that today we were shown the sound of ‘Mahindra 575’ tractor. Further he says that that too on load. That is, when there is too much load on the tractor, what sound does it make?

Then what… the child starts making tractor noises. Seeing this art of the child, some people wrote – What an artistry. The other one said- Comedy. Whereas some users even appealed to Mahindra for help.